Matterport Virtual Tours and New Features

Welcome to a comprehensive video on how to use the features of Matterport virtual tours. All current features (as of May 2017) are covered in addition to general usage tips. You will become totally proficient with Matterport virtual tour use in only 10 minutes. Matterport virtual tours are powerful marketing tools that RPP Services produce for residential real estate, commercial real estate, hospitality and more. The paramount difference in Matterport virtual tours versus fisheye 360 images is that you are creating assets using data and not simply a photograph. This gives you tons of advantages and future proofs your media. A 360 image is greatly limited, is clunky, does not give an ability to walk the space and can not be converted to a virtual reality experience. All in all, if you purchase 360 photographs you are selling yourself very short compared to the value and robustness of Matterport virtual tours. There are many amazing features with tons of value.…
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