Platinum Membership


Need to budget? Save 10 -20% with your commitment to us.


Platinum Membership is one of three memberships we offer exclusively for realtors who would like to save money while maintaining a better organized approach in doing business with RPP. 

We simply pass the savings on to you…

Anticipating your needs in advance improves our ability to better negotiate and manage our operational costs resulting in up to a 10 – 20% savings which we pass on to you. The higher your membership, (ie…silver, gold, platinum,) the greater your discount. This platinum membership gives you 20% off your purchases.

How memberships work:

Once you purchase your *membership, you will see a “Credit Balance” in your Realtor Account and during checkout. You then can use your Credit Balance to purchase services until your account is empty or up to the amount of the funds you have placed on deposit. Our memberships are similar to using a traditional store gift certificate.

During checkout, as a member you will notice an additional discount being applied of up to 10 – 20% depending upon which membership you have purchased. Discounts are applied individually on each item you place into your shopping cart . The higher your membership, (ie…silver, gold, platinum,) the greater your discount. Ongoing membership discounts apply to current non-discounted items and services only.

Your commitment means a lot to us!

If you would like help or have any further questions, please call Customer Care at 800-642-0345 ext. 4.


Additional Membership Privileges include: 

  • Online organizational realtor tools. (ex…budgeting, book keeping, dedicated customer service access.)
  • Priority booking of photograph services and related.
  • Priority processing of photographs and related.
  • Exclusive access to marketing support. (ex…flyers, postcards, business cards, feature sheets, door hangers, printing.)
  • Exclusive access to real property information above what is provided traditionally to brokers.  

*Your usable credit balance availability will not exceed the amount on deposit you paid upon purchasing your membership, if you use the “Pay Deposit” option.

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