Differences Between Video Photo Interactive Tours

The difference between Slide Show Video (panning) Tour, SHDR® Tour, and SHDR® Virtual Tour, is the level of impressiveness and control offered to the viewer. Our basic panning tour video is a slideshow made up of still images whereas the SHDR® video tours are actual movie video captured and combined with stills. While MatterPort® adds still another level of unparalleled impressiveness combined with interactive 360 degree capability. What is SHDR® photography? HDR® stands for “High Dynamic Range” and it creates photos with gorgeous, impossible detail and clarity. SHDR® adds even another level of depth and clarity. Real estate photos are created by combining multiple photos with varying light exposures and taking the best parts of each one. Compressing them together to make suburb lifelike images. The “S” part of HDR is our proprietary color saturation process we use in editing. No other company comes close to producing such high end photography. Especially at such reasonable costs.
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