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Introduce your clients to high quality floor plans.

Floor plans allow clients to take ownership of the home while still in the pre-sale process. Exponentially increasing the likelihood of closing a sale.

Affordable and precise, introducing floor plans to a potential Lister will undoubtedly set you ahead of other agents trying to win that listing.

We offer multiple textured and colored 2D or 3D Interactive Floor Plans. (Cost is by quantity of rooms.) For more details see Floor Plans under Prices menu tab.


According to Realty Times survey, 50% of consumers tell them that a floor plan makes a listing stand out. This is information that you can afford to not include on your next property listing?

Real Property Photographer’s utilizes the latest technology to create impressive and effective floor plans to make the process of purchasing property easier and more engaging. Not only does a floor plan help buyers create a blueprint in their mind, but it can hold useful information, and conviction required in the decision making process.

We believe that floor plans should be designed beautifully, but also relevant. Our floor plans are measured on-site, then finalized by our specialists, and finally placing it into a well-designed template for ease of use and accessibility.

Pair your floor plan with a Real Property Photographers site plan and give your prospective buyers the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

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